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Hiring a residential painting contractor can be like interviewing someone for a job…because, well, it is! We thought we’d provide a little guidance to help you find the right house painter.

  1. Insurance. Come on, we had to start there. Your insurance broker would love us for starting here, but let’s face it, you could hire any schmoe to paint your house, but stuff happens. When it does, you want the guys running the crew that made it happen to be able to pay for it. That’s why you always ask if your residential painter is bonded and insured.
  2. Type Of Paint. It may seem like a no-brainer, but the type of paint you use on and in your house matters. It matters a lot. It also depends upon whether it is an interior painting job or an exterior painting project. Ask your residential painter what brand of paint he uses then ask why. Some house painters have great relationships with paint stores and can get better deals that way, but be careful that you don’t allow your painter to make the decision about paint based on cost alone. Go with the quality paint whenever you can.
  3. Payment. This seems like a tricky one but it’s really not. Different residential painters have different policies, but the best arrangement is where there is an initial deposit up front and the rest is paid upon completion of the job. Be careful of house painters that ask for huge deposits up front. That can mean a variety of things- none of which are particularly good for the homeowner.
  4. Approach To The Job.  This may seem weird to you, but you’re hiring complete strangers to come into your home and spend considerable time there. How is this residential painting contractor going to approach this project? Wil he use old, beat up tarps? Will he be careful with your furniture? Will they move the heavy furniture or is that up to you? There are tons of questions to ask here- all of which may help you determine whether or not to use this residential painter or not.
  5. Colors. Some homeowners are very clear about what they want while others tend to linger about decisions. Think about it:  would you want your residential painting contractor to decide what colors to paint your living room or would you rather listen to an interior designer? The house painter may be good at picking colors, but mostly, he’s just the guy that gets the color changed. More often than not, get help with someone versed in interior design.

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