Homeowners in the around the Gwinnett County area (Lawrenceville, Buford, Duluth, Suwanee, etc.) always need to do some research around the best prices for residential painting contractors when considering painting their house. But, it’s also helpful if homeowners have a little insider information when hiring a house painter. A little bit of education can help you understand how painting contractors go about giving estimates. There are some definite factors to keep in mind:

-Save Money. House painters often give different estimates on painting depending upon a variety of factors including their own schedule. To get a house painted in the springtime, call an experienced house painter sometime in the winter when business is slower. This will help you get better pricing on your painting project.

-How House Painters Do The Job. Exterior house painters can get the job done in a variety of ways. For example, some painters spray the paint on while others rely on brushes. Using a sprayer is faster, but it often creates a bigger mess. Rollers and brushes can still be fast and leave less of a mess. The mess also depends upon what kind of surface is being painted as well.

-What Do Your Walls Look Like? Before calling a painting contractor for a quote, take a glance at what your walls look like. Is the paint peeling, cracking or bubbling? Is there mold, mildew or some sort of plant life growing on the walls? A good house painter will not paint over unstable surfaces and will prep the walls by scraping off the old paint, priming raw wood and caulking imperfections, gaps and cracks. This could affect your residential painting estimate greatly.

-Same Goes For Interior Painting Jobs. Consider the specifics of the job before getting your painting quote. Faster jobs in new construction or vacant properties where mess could be a major factor can be sprayed on whereas finer interior painting projects will be better suited for brushes and rollers. In all cases, painting contractors need to tape off windows and protect furniture from any contact with the paint. Be sure to ask how your house painter intends to do that. Ruined carpet or furniture is just something you shouldn’t have to deal with from your residential painter.

-Choice of Paint. Always ask your painting contractor what type of paint he intends to use. The house painter can do a great job but if it’s the wrong type of paint, it will look awful. Naturally, a professional paint contractor will be able to tell you the best type of paint to use for which project. Obviously, the best quality paints will cost more. Decide upfront if you want a high-quality painting job or if something less will do.

-More About Paint. If you’re trying to minimize costs, go with the same paint color as you had before. For example, painting white over white may only involve a single application whereas white over black may require one to three coats. That runs the paint costs up more. Just talk to your painting contractor about the color choices upfront to get an idea of cost.

Lastly, with all these factors in mind, contact three residential painting contractors around the Lawrenceville, Buford, Duluth area and compare quotes. Their estimates will give you an idea of value for each. Also, it’s a great idea to get references.

Master Stroke Painting is a professional residential and commercial painting contractor who has been helping people fall in love with their home or business since 1991. We love residential painting projects and provide references from previous customers as a routine part of bidding for the painting project.